There have been quite a few requests for a list of model shops in Moscow, so I have created a page to list those I have visited, together with maps & directions :-

Moscow Model Shops

I have a few articles about modelling Soviet & Russian aircraft, ranging from the 1930's TB-1 'Zveno' through the Great Patriotic War Petlyakov Pe-8 right up to the very latest Sukhoi S-37 & MiG 1.44.

Most of these articles are located on other web sites - to which I have provided links.

The first one on this site is an article about modelling the Antonov An-71 AWACS aircraft - NATO Reporting name, Madcap.

My models at the excellent VVS modelling website :-

TB-1 / I-4 'Zveno-1' combination

1930's bomber with escorting fighters attached.

TB-3 'Zveno-6' 'Aviamatka'

1930's TB-3 bomber with FIVE fighters attached.

Yermalaev Yer-2

GPW gull-winged twin-engined long-range bomber.

Petlyakov Pe-8

GPW four-engined heavy bomber using the Contrail kit.

Lancaster with Red Stars

Lancaster used by the Soviets in WWII.

My models at my mate Dave's brilliant Russian Aviation Research website :-

Sukhoi S-37 'Berkut'

Scratch building the Forward Swept Wing technology demonstrator.

My models at the superb Linden Hill Imports website :-

Sukhoi Flanker Family

Most of the major variants of the prolific Flanker are covered here. 

Sukhoi Su-27K/Su-33

Building the Naval version - with wings folded etc.

Academy Su-27

Building the Academy 1:48 scale kit.

Sukhoi Su-27KUB

The latest side-by-side two-seat naval variant.

Tupolev Tu-14

Building the Red Hurricane Tu-14 Bosun.

MiG 1.44

Scratch building the latest MiG MFI technology demonstrator. 

Yakovlev Yak UT-1

Building the NeOmega resin kit of the Yak trainer.

Finally, my models on this website :-

Antonov An-71 Madcap AWACS.

Converting the Toko An-74 into an An-71 'Madcap'.

1:72 scale A-90 Orlyonok

Progress pics of my 1:72 scale scratchbuild.

Sukhoi Su-15 (1949)

Building the Unicraft kit of the 1949 vintage Sukhoi Su-15.

1:144 Scale Revell kit

Modelling the 1:144 scale A-90 Orlyonok from Revell.

GRB-36D FICON with RF-84K Parasite 

Not Russian - but added here following discussions on R.M.S. Newsgroup.

1:700 Scale Submarines

Some photos of my collection of 1:700 scale submarines. 

1:72 Scale Tupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack'

A quick look at the Master Club Resin kit

Yakovlev Yak-141 Freestyle

How to scratchbuild a Yak-141 in 1:72 scale - complete with photos of the real thing !

Flanker Model Survey !!

A complete review of all Flanker model kits ever issued (I think !)

Antonov An-26 Model

First impressions of the new 'Russian Project' kit. 

Lavochkin La-250 Model

First impressions of the latest Amodel kit

Trumpeter Tu-95 

A first look at this great new kit from Trumpeter.

Esci/Italeri Tu-22M3

Plastic Surgery on the Backfire to correct the faults..........

Amodel An-22 'Antei'

A look at the massive limited-run transport from 'Amonster'                                                  

Ilyushin Il-102

Scratchbuilt Il-102 'Jet Shturmovik'

Other models

Photos of some of my other models. 

Modelling Links :-

UK source of  NeOmega resin accessories - Modelspot